Can You Lose Weight Eating Soup?

The diet field is witnessing a lot of fad diets day by day that suggest eating only one type of food throughout to lose weight such as soup. This may be appealing if you have to lose more than 10 pounds in a short period of time. The problem is the lost weight comes back quickly and you also have to suffer some health issues because of drastic weight loss. However, a few foods like soups that are part of fad diets can help you lose weight if you consume them as part of a healthy weight loss regimen.

Weight loss programs like Nutrisystem provides lot of healthy soup recipes through its sister concern Nutrisystem Leaf. The soups are not only tasty and pleasing to the taste buds they also help you lose weight. Likewise, Medifast is another weight loss program which helps you lose weight through replacement bars, soups and shakes.  The Jane Seymour’s Comparison article will help you learn about the differences between the two diet programs.

On the other hand, soups are served prior to meals as they are best appetizers and are low in calories as well. Therefore, soups can effectively curb your intake of calories. Having soup before any meal helps you slow down your process of eating. You can try this technique – have a soup before your lunch or dinner which will reduce your further food intake. For example, a cup of soup made with vegetables and beef provides you with 40 calories. Having soup before dinner for a week helps you cut down big number of calories. Likewise, having soup in the place of French Fries can help you lose even a pound of weight. However, not all types of soups offer weight loss. Soups containing broth and vegetables or pureed vegetables contain low calories. Therefore, always go for soups made from pure vegetables broth or beef broth or chicken broth.