The most popular jacket in the market does not make it the best men’s rain jacket for hiking trips. There are a few specific features that are much needed for it to qualify as such. Men like to study the products just as much while picking out their hiking gear. The specifics have to be met for the product to be liked.

Some such specifics that men look at while scouring the market are

  • Cost

There are many who do not pay much attention to the cost as one, high cost means good quality product and two if all the features exist the cost will not be an issue.

  • Lightweight

Men love to travel light. They take only what is absolutely essential to the trip and not a gram more. The lighter the rain jacket, the more appealing it is to the buyer.

  • Packable and compressible

While it must be lightweight, it should also not occupy too much backpack space. The compressibility of the jacket plays a vital role to the trekker.

  • Breathable

A jacket that allows fresh air circulation and lets you feel comfortable is the one to pick. It should not let you sweat non-stop and make you feel suffocated

  • Size and fit

The size and the fit come in when the required features check out.

  • Durability

The rain jacket must be able to handle harsh weather. It should be strong and sturdy, lasting the test of time.

  • Colour

Yes, the colour plays a role too. While some prefer dark colours such as black, there are some who like the occasional red and blue.

  • Warmth

Being warm and cozy during a trek high up in the mountains is a very endearing attribute of the rain jacket

  • Hood

The hood is pulled up during the rains. This should not be a hassle and obstruct the view.

If you wonder what makes the jacket one of the best in the market, see if they have the above features.…