Want To Know More About Where To Shop For Wristbands?

Have you been planning a fundraising?

You may have seen people wearing wristbands and other accessories made up of rubber sporting a stylish message or a social awareness issue. Have you stopped and wondered where do you find one such band for yourself?

We have been the pioneers in the field of manufacturing wristbands with a message and this idea struck me only a decade ago. It would be unfair to call this idea as original and take credit for doing this entirely on my own.

It so apparently happened that when I was a college sophomore, I shared my room at the hostel with a guy from India. Now, this boy would be really quiet all through the day and he used to study at most times.

This friend used to wear a solid metal bracelet with the name of his faith engraved on it and he used to keep wearing it for the most part of the day. I was so fascinated with the trinket that I asked him if I could try it and he refused to even let me remove it and try because he said he was too emotionally attached to the thing.

The idea was freaking new to me:

But I relented not wanting to hurt his feelings. As soon as we graduated, I did a project on silicone and set up a place where I manufactured colorful wristbands with a message all the kinds that my friend wore. Only this time the messages were social in nature. I set up a Facebook page to market my ware and within a couple of hours was surprised to have five thousand people checking in online to place orders form a measly one band to two thousand!

I was so thankful to god. You can check my website here by clicking on the link here and can leave a comment or place an order. Delivery will be made within five working days of order confirmation and only against payment. We regret to say that we do not have cash on delivery option because the wristbands are customized as per order!